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anpony-jon asked:

With Kagome from Inuyasha, apparently the original VA demanded that there be no panty shots of her character. For a character with a skirt that short, that's basically putting the magic skirt trope on super roids then deciding to put said roided up trope into a super soldier program.

Like I said. Plain ridiculous.

secretanonletch asked:

There is a bit of a double standard. And yeah there seem to have been some interesting quirks. You See innocent panties also branches off into the cute/funny side of things. Lil AUdrey, Minnie Mouse, Little Lulu, etc. It was meant to be innocent and cute. Now honestly I think it has to do with censorship or rather.. who's incharge of censorship in the US. And yeah Magic skirts are annoying particularly when the animator makes the skirt obscenely short . Kagome from Inuyasha is a perfect example.

There’s that too of course. Don’t even get me started on Inuyasha. That crud is just plain ridiculous.

hentai-freak-87 asked:

Why do you think that there are not more panty shots in American cartoons? I mean we see boys in their undies yet girls are left alone. I think it's funny for both boy and girls. Keep those shots coming!

I really don’t know but I have a theory it may just be a stupid gender double standard. I know a lot of old American cartoons where panty shots were anything but rare (see Little Audrey and Little Lulu). Apparently there (was) a trope for that called Innocent Panties. Nowadays usually when boys are in their underwear or even naked it’s usually played for laughs and looked over, but if it happens to a girl then it’s automatically sick perverted filth. People have sexualized the panty shot to the point where animators don’t want to even bother with them, but see there’s a difference between reasonable panty shots and gratuitous panty shots.


This is a reasonable panty shot. She slipped on some water and now she’s falling back. Obviously that would cause her skirt to flip up. Why go with the Magic Skirt trope here? Also notice the camera isn’t focusing solely on her panties and the lack of detail in them?

This on the other hand is a gratuitous panty shot. And even though I like it in the long run it was pretty uncalled for. The camera’s like dead centered in between her legs and not only that but you can clearly see the detail in those panties as well as the fact that she has a cameltoe. A panty shot is no more sexual than a boy in his briefs is. It all depends on how it’s presented. Compare the two and tell me which one is more sexual.

And even if you find the first one to be sexually appealing (or disturbing) that’s fine but in the long run that wasn’t its intention as opposed to the second one. I’d like to see a real woman (I’m avoiding the term “girl” as not to create unfortunate implications) in a skirt slip on some water and her skirt defies the law of gravity. I’m all for cartoon logic but a little realism never hurts which I feel the first one was doing opposed to trying to turn you on like the second one. I don’t think I’ve seen a family-friendly American cartoon that had panty shots for the sake of fanservice. If anything they’re usually there because the situation called for them.

Magic skirts are lazy and suck. Some people just happen to find those panty shots sexually appealing and that’s their business so it shouldn’t stop just because of that. Hell some people find stuff like this sexually appealing but do you see animators stopping those kind of scenes because of that? Look at the Steven Universe episode “Frybo” and there’s your answer. So it may just be a mix of a sign-of the times and animators just wanting to cut corners hentai-freak-87 but as a panty shot lover I sure as hell wish they would have more.

I’ve seen too many characters who are panty shot magnets but never get any like Kimby from Clarence or Goldilocks from The 7D.

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